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Special Events

Training Seminars

To keep abreast of what is happening in the insurance industry, the Company held a Seminar and training session which was held at the Head Office in Hearst, Ontario on Thanksgiving weekend of 2005. The seminar lasted four days and the invited insurance consultant was Mr. Lyall Bell.

Mr. Bell, also a specialist in insurance marketing, provided the participating brokers with ways and means to market commercial risks, home, auto insurance and other insurable products in order to support our brokers through locating the best coverage available to meet the client’s needs.

Also, these professional days are a means for Assurance Aubin Insurance Brokers Ltd. to make sure their representatives are properly informed about what is happening in the insurance industry in order to contribute in loss prevention and help control insurance premiums.

The commentary shared by the attending brokers was that they appreciated what Daniel and Johanne Aubin had done in regards to making this seminar and training session available to them.

They recognized the benefits of this new information and original ideas which will allow them to return to their communities with more knowledge about insurance. They are more confident and feel able to put in practice the motto of the Company, “ Your best choice for Insurance solutions.”

Implications in the Community

Assurance Aubin Insurance Brokers Ltd. has been supporting many great causes over the years and still does today. We encourage our staff members for their continuous involvement in these organizations and programs as we share the same values for our community and humanity.

Here is a short list of some of them . We invite you to find out more as we shortly describe our interest in these organizations and programs…

Operation Red Nose

Operation Red Nose is a unique program dedicated against drinking and driving. Essentially, it is a volunteer driving service provided during the Christmas Holiday Season to all drivers who have been drinking or who do not feel fit to drive their own vehicle back home. It is an original and free way of getting a safe ride in our own vehicle without driving it!

Every year, some of our staff members participate as volunteers in this drive. Our firm sponsors food for the volunteers as well. We believe in helping each other is a way to strengthen our community’s ties.

Train-A-Youth Enterprises Inc.

The primary objective of TAYE is to integrate youth into the workplace or to encourage them to return to their studies and pursue an education.  Consequently, participants of TAYE become active members of the community.

Furthermore, during their placement at TAYE, we try to include participants in some decision making in order to introduce them to small business management and help them become conscious of employer expectations.

Train-A-Youth Enterprises Inc. stands out because of its unique approach.  TAYE adopts practical work methods (manual and simple) that coincide with the reality of the workplace.  Participants are exposed to real work environments and unconsciously learn the proper skills and experience.


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